instant perfection
endless radiance
cellular radiance
perfecting fluide pure gold
bring out your inner radiance for the world to see,

and turn flaws into flawlessness with cellular radiance
perfecting fluide pure gold, a new generation treatment
product from la prairie.

gold has a long and storied past, beloved

by many cultures for its health-giving properties.

over 5,000 years ago, the egyptians ingested gold
for mental, physical and spiritual purification.

the alchemists of alexandria believed that gold

was a mystical metal that represented the perfection

of matter and that its presence in the body would enliven,
rejuvenate as well as restore youth and perfect health.

in ancient rome, gold salves were used to treat a variety
of skin problems. cleopatra was rumored to have slept
with a gold mask on her face every night to enhance
her complexion and keep her skin glowing.
it is no surprise then that la prairie scientists feature
the precious metal in various iterations within the radiance
collection, which helps reignite skin’s youthful radiance
with rare gold ingredients – the essence of opulence –
to help revitalize and perfect skin’s appearance,
restoring lustrous texture and tone.

now, in a formula so unique and a texture so silky,
this precious ingredient helps your skin achieve
flawless perfection, as in a never-ending golden hour.
the latest gilded pleasure within the radiance collection
portfolio, cellular radiance perfecting fluide pure gold,
showcases a new milestone in skin revitalization.

turning flaws to flawlessness, a collagen-boosting golden
peptide helps improve skin quality below the surface,
where radiance begins, for smoother-looking skin that
reflects light at its best. golden photo-reflecting agents
and pure gold powder provide an immediate golden glow.

pairing instant skin perfection with long-term skin
revitalization, cellular radiance perfecting fluide pure gold
bathes skin in an incandescent glow.

with cellular radiance perfecting fluide pure gold, golden
perfection is yours.
enter the world of radiance
with cellular radiance perfecting fluide pure gold.

there is a magic time when a fleeting light casts a spell on
everything it touches. it starts the moment the sun begins
to rise, and just before it sets. shadows lengthened, colors
are enhanced, the earth is in soft focus. warm light bathes
the skin in breathtaking beauty. it is an elusive moment
revered by artists that stirs something deep inside us,
which feels unlike anything else in the world. some call it
the golden hour. we call it radiance.
scientists know that collagen in the skin is responsible for
brightness, even-tone and a youthful look, scattering light
back towards its surface.

empowered by la prairie’s advanced gold-science
platform, cellular radiance perfecting fluide pure gold
contains an exclusive combination of pure gold, golden
reflecting agents and a unique, collagen-boosting golden
peptide – and our exclusive golden lotus blend made with
lotus japonicus, an extraordinary flower revered in asia
where it is considered to be a plant of renowned beauty.
once cellular radiance perfecting fluide pure gold is
applied, the lightweight gel-cream emulsion becomes
fluide, working its magic on skin.

instantly, skin looks enhanced.

enriched by gold’s anti-redness properties, it calms skin’s
appearance and imparts a fine, soft-focus finish.

over the long-term, skin quality is improved from deep
within, as firmness is improved and texture is continuously
refined and smoothed.
with cellular radiance perfecting fluide pure gold, in an
instant, beauty is bathed in golden light, visibly perfected.
over time, your skin appears deeply revitalized, and
radiance is enhanced.

how to apply:

• apply am and/or pm after cleansing, toning and serum

• using fingertips, gently smooth over face.

• if additional moisture is preferred, cellular radiance
perfecting fuide pure gold can be applied over la prairie moisturizer of choice.
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